Sunday, June 28, 2015

Magazines From Yesteryear

When it comes to my martial arts reading material I like books. And blogs, of course. Magazines never really appealed to me, but I did find a collection of memorable magazine covers that I think you'll appreciate.

The guy in the middle is one Jason Lau, a Wing Chun practitioner. He's for real, apparently, but I have my doubts about this move of his.

This man needs no introduction. And no, this image was not photoshopped.

William Shatner, 1974. This issue of Fighting Stars went for a cool 75ยข. Acting gigs were scarce for Bill in the 70s, so to keep himself busy he trained in Kenpo Karate. Cap't Kirk was still no match for Mr. Spock.

More proof that Tae kwon do is purely a sport!

(h/t: Miriam L. Blackburn Life)