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Best Martial-Art Styles For The 21st Century

In my last post I discussed martial-art ads from the 1960s that were featured in comic books. Most of these "styles" could be best described as, well, comical. But it has recently come to my attention that there are new systems of combat that have recently emerged that should pique the interest of my readership. And not to insult the intelligence of anyone because of what today symbolizes, readers take note—this is not as joke. These styles are as legit as they come. They can be used in practical self-defense settings, and even have an exciting sportive adjunct. Here we go:


Power Slap


After a coin toss to decide who goes first, the first striker has a time limit of 60 seconds to deliver an open-handed slap to the opponent. Slaps must be below the eye but above the chin, without leading with the palm such that all hand to face contact takes place at the same time. Those being slapped may not flinch, raise their shoulder or tuck in their chins. After being slapped, the slapped competitor then has 60 seconds to recover and get back into position before it's their turn to slap. Fights which don't end in a knock out and go three rounds go to the judges' decision...


Car Jitsu


  • Two competitors are seating in the driver and passenger seats of a car. Before the match starts, they must both be buckled in.
  • Once the match begins, both competitors must unbuckle themselves and attempt to submit their opponent inside the vehicle.
  • Each round lasts for three minutes.
  • Both competitors are allowed to utilize any part of the vehicle’s interior to their advantage, including seat belts, steering wheel, window seals, etc.
  • Just like in traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu matches, competitors are rewarded points by judges for taking advantageous positions and mounts while moving around the vehicle’s interior.
  • A winner is declared to whichever competitor is victorious in two out of three rounds.
  • If both competitors win one round each, the final four-minute round takes place in the back seat.


Gun Fu


I saved the best for last. No rules for this one. A bit dated, but highly effective.


Happy Monday!

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