Sunday, March 31, 2019

Pre-faded Black Belts For Sale

Whenever you see a worn and frayed black belt on a martial artist, you're looking at the symbol of maturity and experience. Well, what if you're a newbie black belt holder, but you just want to give the impression of someone who's been at it for many years?

Fear no more, you no longer have to bleach your black belt or tie it to the rear bumper of your car for a week to get that cool effect. An online company now has Vintage Black Belts that you can order to your preference. That's right, pre-faded, worn out looking black belts for the martial arts enthusiast who doesn't have decades to reach the level of a grandmaster — but just wants to look like one. It's like cauliflower ears or calloused knuckles for the fashion-conscious.

From the website (via translation):

Black belts that are seen in old conditions / often used / so that the parts turn white.
There are aging rates of 25%, 50%, 70%, 90% and 100%.

So these are martial arts belts that have been artificially aged in incremental stages of wear and tear. Apparently there is a market for this. Amazing.

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