Saturday, December 14, 2013

How To Debunk A Scam Artist

Meet Jukka Lampila, the Finnish founder of the EFO system - Empty Force martial arts. EFO's techniques are purported to incapacitate attackers with little or no contact. Lampila wears a hakama - traditional garb worn in the aiki arts as well as some other Japanese budo, for what it's worth.

Earlier this month an EFO workshop was attended by some well behaved skeptics in Spain. Watch below and notice how the attendant skeptics respond to ukemi (attack/defend scenarios) from the "master" versus the brainwashed sheep. The clip has gone viral, which was uploaded just a few days ago.

From the EFO website:
In our training philosophy, an important aspect is not to try to use any physical force or pain to gain control of the attacker. With Efo, there are no specific forms or technics and each trainee applies it the way it best fits oneself.

In Efo there are no "courses" that would start and end somewhere. Instead, the fundamental principles (relaxation, mind and breathing) are exercised during every session. Thus, anyone can join and train any time. And if you can't join each and every session, you won't miss anything irreplaceable.

Spoiler alert: it doesn't work. You're not missing anything.

What would Master Ken say?

(h/t: Skepticool)

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