Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Master Ken Needs Your Help

Master Ken wants people in the martial arts community to spread the word about his reality show which chronicles the most lethal martial art known to man: Ameri-Do-Te.

Actually he needs money to keep his series going.

I first saw one of these Enter The Dojo episodes at TDA Training. Aside from the fact that this parody of the martial arts has great comedic potential, it's at times a little close to home. Through the years I've met my share of Master Kens, and believe me, these characters in real life are not funny at all. I bristle to think how many "instructors" are woefully incompetent, think they're killing machines, and then devise their own systems of self-defense complete with contracts, camouflage belts and disdain for other styles.

Master Ken: Short on moolah. Long on chutzpah.

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