Saturday, April 04, 2020

Compulsory Confinement

Due to a current, highly credible health threat, a societal stay-at-home order has been issued on a near global scale. Not interacting with others is the new paradigm, at least for now. Martial arts training is typically done in groups, but solo training routines such as forms or kata are at the trainee's disposal. Self defense is a common euphemism for martial arts, correlated to preventive measures. Please, stay safe and healthy by listening to the advice of experts.

Apparently, writer's block is a by-product of mild anxiety brought on by recent events and a heavily modified work schedule, which involves yours truly making deliveries to hospitals in the Greater NY area. It will be a while before I have the urge to create new material.

In light of that, I've decided to revisit two articles from this blog's past that I feel are pertinent. Comments can be viewed, but are closed. Enjoy:


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